Mind Moves

Oct 15 2012

Time for our conversation to move on

Mind Moves: I leave you now to allow other voices to be heard, writes Tony Bates

Sep 25 2012

Feeling a bit better about simply being human

Mind Moves: We trust Leonard Cohen to be our guide. He is our man

If it be your will

That I speak no more

And my voice be still

As it was before

Sep 11 2012

A change of personality can happen over tea

Mind Moves: An encounter in a guesthouse gave a woman new strength

People can surprise you, especially when we allow them to and when we believe in them enough.

Sep 10 2012

Graduating into a bleak landscape

Mind Moves: We need to listen to, not pity, our young people

Aug 15 2012

You can save a life with just a smile

Mind Moves: A smile, a gesture, a chat can save a life

Aug 8 2012

You need to make mistakes to learn from them

Mind Moves: Dropping out of college was an enriching experience, writes Becca Keegan 

Jul 24 2012

Allowing our inner butterfly to emerge

Mind Moves: Sometimes we need to take time out for ourselves, writes Aoife Price

Jul 24 2012

Less about Oedipus and more about Existence

Mind Moves: My friend’s death in his sleep has proved a wake-up call, writes Tony Bates.

Jul 2 2012

Let your inner 10 year old out to play again

Mind Moves: Look to childhood for an antidote to exhaustion, writes Tony Bates.

Jul 2 2012

Don't fall into the hell of shamefulness

Mind Moves: Why do we banish ourselves from Eden? writes Tony Bates.

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