Junior Cert School Programme

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Junior Cert ProgrammeLouize Carroll and Nuala Smith of Headstrong recently addressed an inservice training day on ‘Mental Health for adolescents’ to Junior Certificate Schools Programme (JCSP) Coordinators. The event formed part of the National In-service for JCSP Coordinators in March and was held at the Curriculum Development Unit in Crumlin.

This event presented an opportunity for a group of highly committed frontline workers to be affirmed in the work that they do. These coordinators, all teachers, work in schools where many of the students struggle to engage with formal schooling. They may have difficulty accessing the curriculum or meeting challenges confronting them as a consequence of coming from disadvantaged communities where inter-generational poverty is fairly widespread.

JCSP attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self- image by developing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs.