Make a real difference this Christmas

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'Jigsaw taught me there was no point in hurting myself ...'


If you've ever seen TV’s Glee, or the High School Musical films, you could be forgiven for thinking that being young is an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza, with a little drama thrown in for spice.

But as young people make the transition from adolescence to adulthood they face serious drama: serious pain, serious fear, serious challenges to their mental health.

But where do they turn when there's nowhere to turn to?


Who do they talk to when there's no one to talk to?

No one.

And the consequences of the isolation, helplessness and hopelessness that young people can experience at this most vulnerable time in their lives can be devastating.

This is why we created Jigsaw - to provide appropriate support and intervention for young people how, when and where they need it: in their own communities.

This innovative programme ensures that young people are supported at all levels of need by providing information and consultation, individualised support and improved pathways to specialised mental health care.

Unlike any other mental health support programme in Ireland, Jigsaw is local, youth-friendly and responsive.

Jigsaw gives young people somewhere to turn to, someone to talk to.

Just listen to what eighteen-year-old Bobby had to say about Jigsaw:

A friend recommended Jigsaw to me. I was suffering from depression and I had self-harmed. I had thoughts of dropping out of school and just getting away. Once I joined  ... I immediately felt a sense of belonging and a feeling of being safe. I have made countless new friends and found a community of people that really helped. It has been a brilliant experience for me.

I learned I was not alone, I wasn’t the only person feeling this way, and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Jigsaw gave me the fuel to go on. My confidence has gone up ten-fold. I am not just another brick in the wall. Everyone needs a good foundation and Jigsaw has the opportunity to help so many people to have more positive mental health.

Jigsaw taught me there was no point in hurting myself. Now I feel I am able to help others and direct friends to people who can help. Jigsaw is more than an organisation. It’s a life changing experience.  

Jigsaw truly is an amazingly effective programme. And our goal is to expand Jigsaw throughout the country, giving every young person in Ireland somewhere to turn to, someone to talk to.

But, yes, there's a catch.

It takes time - and a lot of effort - to establish a Jigsaw project, working closely with local services, the HSE, mental health professionals, social workers, schools, parents and young people, securing and equipping venues, etc.

Time, effort ... and, of course, money.

In short, we need your help.

Young people are our finest resource. They are also our most vulnerable. In this year's Christmas season of tightened belts and pinched pennies we are unashamedly asking you to part with whatever you can afford to help us give young people like Bobby 'a sense of belonging and a feeling of being safe' and the confidence to fully realise their dreams.

Please join Headstrong on our journey to ensure that young people in Ireland have somewhere to turn to and someone to talk to by making a donation today.

Thanks for helping,

Tony Bates

Founding Director, Headstrong.