New Training in Youth Centred Approach Launched

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Our new training programme - Supporting Young People’s Mental Health: a youth-centred approach - started in our Jigsaw youngballymun site on 6th May. This eight day skills-based training programme pulls together research evidence on what works in supporting young people’s mental health and has been developed for front line workers in the fields of health, education, youth work, social work, social care, justice, pastoral care, counselling, childcare and related areas. The aim of this training programme is to enhance the capacity of workers to support the mental health of young people they are working with and to support them in detecting signs of mental health difficulties in young people. There was high demand for this training in Ballymun and all 18 places were quickly filled with representation from 10 organisations in the area. By the time this training programme is complete in our Ballymun site, we will have provided education and training to more than 90 people in the community since Jigsaw youngballymun was launched with more training planned for the autumn to respond to the high level of interest in the community. Plans are also afoot to roll out this training in our other Jigsaw sites as this training will become an integral part of the Jigsaw development process around the country. Our thanks to Gillian O’Brien, Clinical Coordinator in Jigsaw youngballymun for her assistance in developing this programme.