What We Do

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Headstrong has three main areas of activity:

Service Development

Visit www.jigsaw.ie to learn more about each of our Jigsaw sites. Find out how you can get involved in the work of your local Jigsaw project.

Our service development programme Jigsaw, brings community services and supports together around young people in order to better meet their mental health needs. Every community is unique, therefore Jigsaw is different in each community.

Jigsaw is currently in ten sites around Ireland in Clondalkin, Donegal, Dublin 15, North Fingal, Galway, Kerry, Meath, Offaly, Roscommon and Tallaght.

A further eight communities are also actively working with us to develop their collective response to the issue of youth mental health in their ares as part of our Headstrong Learning Network.

Jigsaw youngballymun was a collaborative effort between Headstrong and youngballymun, an area-based systemic change strategy. The working agreement between Headstrong and youngballymun came to an end in December 2011. Opportunities for future collaboration may emerge as 2012 progresses in the context of youngballymun's work to integrate the youth mental health, youth literacy and youth pregnancy and parenting dimensions of its programme.


Headstrong advocates at a national and local level for the right of young people to access better mental health supports, and a change in the way Ireland thinks about youth mental health. Our Youth Advisory Panel, and wider youth advocacy movement are working with us throughout Ireland to find creative ways to inspire this change. We have established a programme of national and community education and training, and are advocating to Government and the nation as a whole to ensure that Jigsaw is made available in every county in Ireland by 2016.


In order to deepen our understanding of the experience of young people living in Ireland today, we are conducting a major nationwide survey of young people - My World. The findings of this survey so far, have provided us with key insights into factors affecting the mental health and wellbeing of young people. These insights provide the critical information that we need to initiate change, and the My World research programme is ongoing.